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Goodbye, 2018!

December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas!

It's been nearly a year since I wrote a blog post on my website; I hid the blog section of my website as I was very busy during the year, and having it up made me feel pressure to update it. That said, it's back (hopefully it stays that way)!


Before I get into what I plan to accomplish this coming 2019, let's take a look at what I already did this year!

I'm usually a bit more wordy when it comes to my end of the year reflections (if you know my dreamwidth account you can see my ridiculously long posts from 2014-2016...) but as I've gotten older I've realized the value or time and conciseness. So here's a list instead, in chronological order.


  • January - MOVED OUT!! My first time moving out of my parents house to be self-supporting. Moved in with my Kal, my then-boyfriend. Played RL Sims and decorated our house. To this day I remember all the housewarming gifts my friends sent, thank you once more for helping us in our journey <3

  • February - Got married! No huge ceremony, just had my mom as a witness. A huge ceremony is something we want to do later on, too busy to right now, haha

  • March - Kal bought me an iPad pro!! To this day I use it daily and love it. He noticed my creativity and energy to draw went up a lot after brainstorming/sketching/working became a lot more convenient & portable for me. We also play gacha games together on it LOL

  • March - My friends from my (then) job started coming over to play D&D! My first time playing, I enjoyed it and the character building and shenanigans immensely. 

  • March - Flew to Vegas to retrieve the remainder of Kal's belongings. 8 hr drive back to the bay! My first time driving a moving van + driving for that duration of time. Got home, combined our nerd collections and sold off dupes to create one glorious giant shared geek collection.

  • March/April - Joined my first zine! It was an otome heroine zine, the My Princess Zine! 

  • April - BLEACHED AND DYED MY HAIR! Not my first time dyeing my hair, but first time bleaching it and making it a rad color! It was something like Maki Nishikino Red-pinkish. I loved it, Kal loved it, everyone loved it (except my mom, who's fine with it now), it gave me confidence and more love for myself. To this day I feel more like myself than I ever did with black hair. Also cut my hair! It went from being down to my hips to like just past shoulder length. Felt so light!

  • April - I got my wisdom teeth out!!! ALL FOUR AT ONCE, because I wanted it over with. Recovered like a champ and now my mouth is less crowded

  • April - I quit my full time job to focus more on con work and school and overall myself. My coworkers ended up getting me goodbye gifts and 2 cakes tho omg!!!

  • May - Went to fanime and did table assisting for shy!!! My first semi-tabling experience and it helped me gain a lot of knowledge on what to expect for AX on top of being super fun and chill

  • May - Also saw Joe Hisaishi for the Ghibli Symphonic concert with Kal!! Cried the whole time! It was great!

  • May - Not super huge, but for Day 1 fanime I cosplayed Beach FRobin and that was actually my first time doing some sort of revealing cosplay-- I felt great, tbh. I was a lil self conscious at first but by the end of the day I felt fine in my own skin. My self-acceptance has come so far!

  • May - Also got an extra scholarship for school. Was awarded because of good grades etc. Fun fact, the day after I got awarded it, someone from the school called me to suggest I apply for it, and when I told him I already got it, he was very sweet and happy for me, lol.

  • June - June was the main grind for my first round of merchandise! I learned a lot, talked to a lot of manufacturers, spent a lot of time researching and calculating costs. It was really stressful but overall a good learning and creative experience! Made stickers, prints, charms, buttons, and bags. A pretty good variety for a first timer, if I do say so myself!

  • July - My very first artist alley table!! At! Anime Expo! How did I do that? To this day I have no idea how I managed that. Shared my table with my gurl Cinna. It was a lot of fun and I met a ton of great friends!!

  • July - AX weekend was also the first time I had KBBQ and visited Ktown! It was fabulous.

  • July - Conquered Final Fantasy XIV Fanfest (Savage)

  • July - The official FFXV twitter featured me and my chocobros art!!!! holy shiet!!!!

  • August  - Landed my new tutoring job with more than double the pay of my retail jobs! Paid well, flexible times, and is overall 50x easier a job to work than retail. #BLESST

  • August - One day con Kinyoobi con! Made more than I expected, overall easy time there. Free food.

  • August/September - Sacanime summer!! My 2nd time tabling, met more new friends!! Stress/con management wise, a lot less stressful than AX, so my favorite tabling experience to date~ 

  • October - My first digital painting (not for school!), for the Fanfest Fanart Contest! I've never done a digital painting on a single layer before this, it turned out much better than I was expecting!

  • November - Redyed my hair!!! Went coral this time for our trip ^^ (From last time's magenta-red-ish)

  • November - FINAL FANTASY XIV FANFEST!!! I was actually really stressed around this time and Kal encouraged me that going and having fun would help my mental state a ton, and it really did. I met so many friends! I got to experience all kinds of XIV news in real time! I came back feeling so happy, and I hope I can go again! Fanfest really revitalized my love for XIV, which was also waning. I love it even more now. Kal and I met through FFXIV and being able to experience fanfest with him for the anniversary of us dating was amazing!

  • December - Nothing too notable other than my birthday and Christmas :3 both were good.

  • December - Also applied to Sakuracon on a whim and GOT IN? THANK U RNGSUS FOR ENDING MY YEAR LIKE THIS.

Phew. That's it! What an eventful year! Definitely conquered some of my life bucket list items this year, from getting an apartment to getting married to tabling at Anime Expo.

Thank you for sticking with me throughout it all ^^


What do I hope to accomplish next year? Hmm...

  1. Art Improvement - As always! This is on my list every year. More backgrounds this year please!

  2. Stronger shop! - I want to make more merch! Besides more fandoms, different types; I have some in mind already :3 Eventually I'd like to get into a bit of wearable items~

  3. More traveling & more conventions! - These go hand in hand; I'd like to generally just see new places and people. Visit more friends too! Experience more things with Kal :3

  4. Piano - I want to go back to playing the piano! I haven't for 

  5. $$$$$ - I just like having money. Makes life comfy.

  6. FFXIV - I want to enjoy more XIV... wanna max my crafters/gatherers. Since I said yes to raiding hopefully I'd like to be good at that too!

  7. Streaming - I used to stream art/gaming before but I stopped after moving. I'd like to go back to that! It was fun.

  8. Personal projects + social media- This year I'd like to get a game demo or webcomic started and out! I have multiple ideas for games, so TBA. I also need to curate my twitter/insta/facebook better, I'm really lazy when it comes to nontwitter accounts.

  9. Collabs - I'd like to do more work with other people, be it zines/illustrations/games/etc.! We'll see where life takes us!

That's about it for now. I'm sure I can think of more, but today I just want to relax!

Happy Holidays, and see you in 2019!


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