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Day seven - last day D:

June 15, 2017

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I don't have any pictures for this day really; it was mostly us wrapping up the last of the movies we had to watch (Mall Cop 2) then returning them to the library and scanning some documents for school stuff there for Kal.


Otherwise we basically played Persona all day until he had to leave lol. We got to the end of Futaba's palace!! Didn't finish though. I wish we could have finished at least one palace together ):


His flight was at 9:40 so we still had most of the day together! I drove him over to the airport at like 6:30 though because I thought there would be more traffic...


He said I should just save on the parking fee and drop him off, but I told him that's not romantic at all :P so I ate the parking fee. It was only five dollars anyway.


I bid him farewell at the security point at around 7:40 eventually...! I also promised I wouldn't cry so I didn't. 😤 (I did when I was walking to the car/on the drive home, though.... Rip.)


I miss him already, but if all goes well I'm going to go visit him this time in August to help him move from Vegas to SF :D

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