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Day six - Zzzz...

June 15, 2017

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After my parents left for work at around 4am I couldn't sleep so I got up around 8 to play Persona 5 lol (´・ω・`) I wanted to wake Kal up because I was bored but it seemed cruel to wake him up so earlyyyyy.


When I sat on the couch Kal ended up finally waking up anyway >__> 


After a couple hours of playing (and stopping for half an hour to watch the Nintendo E3 direct) we made some food! Errr... Kal made some food... I just helped by stirring the sauce. He made us some pasta Alfredo with shrimps and broccoli ^q^ Be my wife-


We burned through more of our movie stash- this time the first Austin Powers and Groundhog Day; he's seen them both but he thinks my movie repertoire needs to be expanded (listen ok I only have motivation for cartoons) so I'll watch live action movies with him if he wants me to :O they were funny. Though there were references and jokes he had to explain to me because I am a culturally challenged child...


After that we just played p5 the rest of the day P: I am getting so much P5 done with him around... he helps me because I'm bad at reading the mini-maps and fusing personas LOL 


in general: I like games but I am so bad at them so Kal has to hold my hand basically.

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