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Day four! Another chill day.

June 15, 2017

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I think from here on out most our days will be chill. LOL


On Sunday we didn't do too much- woke up and watched Moana! It was really cute, super pretty graphics, good music. Then my parents drove us to Fisherman's Wharf where we walked around and I kept pointing out the Aquarium to Kal... I really wanted to go but there was no chance my parents would wanna go, and the point of going out together was to be together, so...


We got lunch at one of the restaurants at Pier 39~ I'm the only one who didn't get a salad with my bread bowl lol. 



Afterwards we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge then went home... that seems super uneventful but because of the traffic the entire trip felt very long LOL. I passed out most of the way home 😴


When we got back we basically just played Persona 5 and watched movies. We rented A Dog's Purpose and yes I cried more than once ok. If you don't at least tear up during that movie I don't know you. ITS SO HEART WRENCHING BUT ALSO CUTE DOGS ARE SO GOOD

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