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Day five....! A day on the town?? Maybe.

June 15, 2017

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Kal and I were supposed to go to the Aquarium but instead we just got off at the stop and spent some quality time walking around together 💕 it was nice! 


Yeah it was windy BUT the weather was otherwise warm and the skies were clear. We ate lunch at McDonald's (romantic right) then walked around Embarcadero lol. I got so many pretty pictures!!



 There are public docks that wrapped around the piers so we got to walk and sit along the water's edge... it was nice. Kal is the only boyfriend I've ever had so I've never experienced walking around while holding hands with a s/o before DHFKAKFLF. it's so nice ok.... so safe and comforting...


I kept getting tired so we had to take like four breaks hdidkskf rip Hime. No stamina. But because of that I got to enjoy some nice views and scenery (and quality time with my bf. Yay 💖)




We headed back around 4:30 PM and thus... the trains were PACKED. Two of our trains passed and we couldn't get on because they were so crowded; we finally got on the third and it was still sardines in a can basically. Plus there were so many delays on the line itself I thought I would run out of air and pass out on the way there lolllll. (But I didn't!) 


At home we just caught up on E3 + played Persona 5 + watched Wreck-it Ralph the rest of the night. :3c 

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