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Day two - Japantown!!

June 11, 2017

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Exciting exciting!

Kal's first time on the BART. It's a nice system but it's nothing flashy lol.


While we were waiting for my friends to show up, I took some pictures around the UN Plaza! 













 Kal was being a goober and pretended to get in the way but he actually ended up getting in the way. =__=;


 The weather was so nice!!


After Nene and Erika showed up we hauled our asses like 1.3 miles to Japantown and when we got there I decided okay, we're not walking that again and downloaded Lyft LOL. 


 We ate first 'cause we were so hungry!!!! I love fish!!!


Kal is more of a meat person so he got tonkatsu and yakitori. I got croquettes (HELL YEAH) and then salmon and tuna rolls like the glutton I am. (I didn't finish it tho. I brought it home and my mom finished the rest of it off LOL.)  

 We walked around mostly on the West Mall side and I didn't really buy much? We went into a lot of stores.... man I didn't realize there ARE SUCH NICE SKINCARE STORES THERE NOW? I totally have to go back when I have more money. I must. I basically blew all my money at the Korean skincare store not realizing there was a Japanese skincare one down the hall too WAHH.


 But it's ok. I'll be back. Especially that Kal is moving to the Bay Area soon.... I will drag him back here LOL. He was following me around the Korean skincare store and I kept having him hold my things so I could try something on my hand or smell something.... my good man. <:3 ♡  


Omg also I can cross one thing off my bucketlist... that's right... Erika bought those dragon breath frozen treat things but other than the breath effect they taste pretty meh LOL. (You can see on my twitter: https://twitter.com/mochikittens/status/87394051525890048)


Kal and I did purikura at Pikapika!! 💖 I was super nervous tbh but on a timer there's not much time to think so it was just us laughing at the prompts and attempting them. 


When it got to the decorating stage I choose simple options (date, one or two stickers) but Kal goes all out with stickers and sparkles and also he chose all the highest beautifying options (eye enlargement, skin brightening, etc) because he thought they were funny LOLLLL. So now we look beautiful and I can't get over how shiny the beautifying made his tongue. It's so plastic looking FHKSNSLFA. 

 We spent some time in Kinokuniya!! Where as usual I wanted artbooks but I need to save muns so I just looked. Reminds me I need Kozaki artbooks and the Granblue ones and the FFXIV ones. As always I check for any honeyworks CDs but didn't find any... I was also looking for Pipo Password (Luluco ED) because I still need to sing it but no dice either lol. 


There was also a Pusheen mermaid and I WAS SO SAD I COULDNT BUY IT because it was a purrmaid. Me. It's literally me I have to go back for it someday. 


We got crepes too!! I got a strawberry banana one with Nutella, chocolate syrup, chocolate ice cream, and whipped cream. Sooooo good but the crepe was sooo stuffed lol. I was dying towards the end but I finished it somehow?!

 Then we went to daiso and Kal got some candy and more ramune- he seemed to enjoy it when he got it at lunch. :D He finishes them so fast, though... how...


After that I called a Lyft and we went home. I've never used a ride service before...! It was super easy! I paid through PayPal and you can even tip like that too. Our driver was super nice too so I tipped him well. Safe to say I will be using Lyft again!


Kal and I had to walk back from the station so we were so tired we basically just passed out when we got home haha 😂😂

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