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Day three- A chill Saturday~

June 11, 2017

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Originally Saturday was supposed to be a BUSTLING, BUSY DAY but I didn't know when I planned this trip that the BART would close down one of its stations.... closing the line between two... two stations that I'd need to pass through to get to the SF area LOL. Kal and I were going to head to Montgomery to check our school out but! I wasn't going to deal with figuring out bus routes so we just stayed on this side of the Bay Area. My parents were going to meet up with us after the school thing but they were feeling tired so they were like we'll just do it Sunday.


We grabbed some donuts at Krispy Kreme... I had a groupon soooo... we got 30 for $10 ;3 Kal was very enthusiastic about redeeming this one. I'm expecting him to finish it before he leaves lol. 


 Then after breakfast we headed over to the library! My parents place is a short walk away so I borrowed mom's card and we checked it out. Kal did most of his school stuff and we got some DVDs!


After we got home my parents got ready and we went to go see Wonder Woman. We got there half an hour in advance so we got good seats! At the very top in the very middle! It was pretty empty when we got there but when the movie started it was seriously packed. I'm glad to see the movie is still doing so well! It was a good movie. Normally superhero movies have too many explosions for me but that one didn't. I also love the casting for Diana ♡ She's gorgeous... super aesthetic #goals....


We ate at a sit down restaurant for dinner and I finished my food I was so hungry. That doesn't usually happen and my family agrees it was surprising! 


At home Kal and I watched Tangled the rest of the night then we retired early 💖 I'm glad he laughed a lot but also he kept predicting things that would happen!!! How do you do that?! 


We'll watch more of our other movies on Sunday... I have to make him watch the series too :3c

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