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Day one 🎶

June 9, 2017

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Oops I was so tired last night I passed out before writing a post up... 


Since I've been here I've been sleeping super early for some reason.... guess traveling makes one tired. :'D Kal doesn't usually sleep too much but said he was out like a light last night.


Picking him up was funny LOL. I'vs never been to the Oakland airport so parking befuddled me... but I figured it out. After getting lost and having to repark the car OTL. I went to the wrong terminal side and even after I reparked I was kind of far from the terminal Kal was arriving at TT;; And it was raining when I got there.... I loveee the rain, but he doesn't- so I had mixed feelings about it haha. Thankfully my mom had an umbrella in her car....!


I loitered around until he called me.


Kal: Hellooooo.

Me: Where are you?

Kal: Baggage claim.



How could he not see me. I'm easy to spot. Almost always wearing florals and a bright baby pink itabag (that actually currently has no charms in it.)


I found him because he was the only guy standing around the claim carousel on his phone. Big hugs! I'm lucky I didn't knock his phone out of his hand. (His words.) I did kinda just tackle hug him from the side. Downright blindsided. (Yeah I didn't really think that through.)


We got lucky and his bag was one of the first out so we left.


<Cue the shoujo umbrella sharing moment!!>

(His words.)


NOT. 😂

It wasn't raining anymore when we got out. 

I have been further spared from my constant life of embarrassment. (I'm just shy.)


We got lucky again when we went to Target and I got a parking space right in front hehe. The Hime luck comes thru again. (His words.)


Also when we went to the grocery store but... it was a 15 min parking only so we were rushing to grab all the things instead of just finding another parking space HAHA (We totally did it, though).


I would have posted pictures but he hadn't shaved and doesn't like people seeing him like that lollllll. Scruffly is cute tho.


We basically played Persona 5/Fate Extella/Project Diva all day. Like Haruka said, most casual meetup ever.


I say we played Project Diva but it was all him watching me play and struggle LOL. He also was the sole player of Extella... I just watched in awe. (I'm no good at the game.)



All EX on his first time with his fav servant 😅 He did it again on Lancer with even less damage/more combos/more kills. What a monster.


That's about it.

Chill day.

Japantown today!

Definitely will take pictures!

Since he also shaved today too. 😂




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