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Day Zero!

June 8, 2017

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I came a day early to have lunch with my mom and stuff!

My dad drove me to one of the Northmost BART stations and I took it alone from there. I've only been on it once before with my brother, so I was pretty nervous about traveling on it alone, even more so with my giant luggage. And the first time we didn't even have any transfers! This time I had to train transfer twice!!

I honestly didn't have any issues until I had to get off at my mother's stop... I realized I loaded my ticket a dollar short. ;; and I had no idea the fare add machines were cash only... so since I don't carry cash, I had to ask the information attendant for help and frankly she didn't seem that impressed WEEPS. But I got through so oh well.


I found my mom and we went to lunch at a Hawaiian BBQ place... I'm not really supposed to eat crunchy food for a couple days because I just had an intensive dental procedure buuuuut the fried shrimp was the only thing I liked on the menu so lol I just took really small bites and ate slowly TT


 Heck I didn't even finish it. I ate like three LOL


The weather here was so nice! It's much warmer here than in Sac weirdly enough? Hope it stays that way!


(Rapunzel voice) Tomorrow's a very big day, Pascal.


I go and get Kal around noon then we go around for some errands, lol.


I'm feeling fine so far, gonna sleep early tonight so mom and I can go grocery shopping in the morning. I get to sleep in this big comfy recliner... it's very squishy.


I suuuuuuuper miss my kitty though... Not even here a day and I made my dad send me pictures of him haha;;


Here's what he was up to while I was trying to pack...


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