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Copyright © 2017-2019 Nicole Kay Riebe. All rights reserved.


  • ~3in
  • Holographic sparkle effect
  • Gold heart-shaped keyring
  • Alternate expressions on either side! (See photos)


SET Details:

Destiny Islands - Sora, Kairi, Riku

Wayfinder - Ventus, Aqua, Terra

Sea-salt - Roxas, Xion, Axel


(Buying a set of 3 is $10 per charm rather than $12.)


I plan to add the following characters to this line: Skuld, Lauriam, Elrena

If you have a request for a certain character feel free to @ me on twitter! I love seeing who people love- I basically chose from my favs for these LOL (exceptIlovelikeeveryone)

Kingdom Hearts Heartbinder Charms