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Copyright © 2017-2019 Nicole Kay Riebe. All rights reserved.

Our beloved XV main cast has decided to play XIV! 

Double-sided clear charms have allowed for our heroes and heroine to choose both a Disciple of War/Magic class and a Disciple of Hand/Land class! 

Prompto was able to charm his way into unlocking a special class. ;)


Noctis: Summoner | Fisher

Prompto: Machinist | Chocobokeep

Ignis: Scholar | Culinarian

Gladiolus: Warrior | Miner

Lunafreya: Astrologian | Botanist



  • 2.5 inches (Noctis, Prompto, Luna) and 3 inches (Ignis, Gladio)
  • Clear glitter acrylic
  • Double-sided, different art on each side!


COMING SOON: Cindy, Iris

FFXV Plays FFXIV Acrylic Charms

$12.00 Regular Price
$6.00Sale Price